What Is Studied in Architecture See What to Expect from This College

When observing buildings houses and other imposing constructions, have you ever wondered what is studied in Architecture ? After all, these buildings attract the attention of those who have an affinity for the art of building beautiful environments, arousing their curiosity. If you identify with this area of ​​knowledge and are thinking of becoming an architect , you should know what architecture school is like and what your curriculum is. Thus, it is possible to understand if this profession has to do with what you want for your life! Want to know more about it? Continue reading this post.

How is the architecture course? The Architecture and Urbanism course mixes knowledge of Human and Exact Sciences, being considered Applied Social Sciences by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). The objective of this Telegram number list graduation is to prepare the student to act as an architect in its most varied aspects, considering the different human needs. For this, the Architecture and Urbanism course lasts five years . Regarding the modality of the course, know that, in Brazil, it is possible to do Architecture in EAD (distance learning), in blended mode.

This means that you can study part of the subjects online, while the other part is necessary to go to the institution’s campus to attend. So, if you need the flexibility to study a few days at home or elsewhere, this mode may be ideal. But if you like face-to-face classes, you can rest assured that there is also this model at your disposal. After all, what do you study in Architecture? After getting to know more about the Architecture and Urbanism course, the time has come to find out what is studied at this faculty. Come on? Basic knowledge Architecture students need a concrete knowledge base for the most specific and complex subjects.