What Is It and How to Adopt This Strategy

Probably seen extremely creative actions by brands on social media, right? Burger King playing with McDonalds, banks creating rhymes and partnerships between brands that you never imagined are realities that were born because of a single strategy: Social Listening! It is through Social Listening that brands monitor social networks and are able to follow what the public is saying about them , generating insights for actions, campaigns and content of opportunities such as those mentioned above. Soon, Social Listening became the favorite strategy of companies, making it possible to monitor the health of the brand on the networks and even more: the creation of a natural and relaxed relationship with the audience.

Want to know how? All iN tells you everything🇧🇷 The Pillars of Social Listening Man building the pillars of social listening Adopt the Social Listening strategy and find out how your audience can help you. Despite being recent, Social Listening has already gained a lot of relevance among brands and has become the main strategy mobile phone number list when we talk about social networks : you can’t just publish content and create actions without considering what your audience thinks, comments and suggests about what you have done. And it has three fundamental pillars that you will now know: Monitoring: Track , collect, analyze and respond to mentions of your brand on social media. Through some tools, it is possible to include the brand name and related terms to follow what the audience says and how often almost in real-time.

Engagement Interact with users and understand their feelings about your business spontaneously. In addition, this monitoring also generates insights, enabling the creation of engagement actions and opportunity content. Metrics: how is the health of your brand on the networks? Do users have more positive or negative comments? Can incoming doubts be clarified through content or areas on the site, for example? Based on these mentions you’ve collected, what can you do to improve the user experience? Monitoring and follow-up is key to thinking about targeted actions based on user feedback. Now that you already know the pillars of Social Listening, come to understand the benefits that the strategy brings to your brand.