The Challenges of Community Management

The big social networks will continue to grow . Indeed, Facebook is trying to take more and more the place of Google. Mark Zuckerberg’s goal for tomorrow is that people no longer log into Facebook after doing a search on Google, but that Facebook becomes your search engine . You will then type all your searches into this all-encompassing social network. This hypothesis is not impossible because the multinational Google no longer has the objective of becoming the leading search engine in all the countries of the globe (which is not the case in Russia or China, for example) but to increase the lifespan to 1000 years.

Indeed Google today focuses on neuroscience, transhumanism and immortality(what to believe in a real science fiction film. facebook-become-google Conversely, more “modest” social networks tend to stay in their niche , each offering a very specific axis to differentiate themselves from each other. Indeed, in the same Email Database as e-commerce sites, a social network is simple to make and does not require a lot of money at the start. However, you have to master the notion of Growth Hacking : increase your community quickly. Several techniques exist, some more recommendable than others.

Finally some social networks like Twitter will have to find a real profitable Business Model that is not limited to sponsored posts. Indeed, this social network, although very popular, has an uncertain future with shaky revenues and a service that does not meet a real need. User habits are changing Users are spending more and more time on social networks . A lot of time, of course, but while “picking”. Indeed, users will spend more and more cumulative time during the day, but with a very short duration each time . Example, the user has an opinion, a remark, on a book that he is reading: he takes out his mobile phone, makes a Tweet and puts it away.