PR and Inbound Marketing How to Give Public Relations a Facelift

The English term “inbound” means incoming. Inbound marketing includes marketing techniques that attract, like a magnet, a customer or a prospect to a brand, by publishing useful content to potential buyers looking for solutions to a particular problem. These incoming modes of communication are opposed to the “outbound”, outgoing or interruptive tactics used by traditional TV channels, for example, to capture the attention of their audience by broadcasting to them at fixed times periods of advertising spots.

Without knowing whether the targeted viewer is interested in it or not. Same thing for the ads that suddenly appear on our computer screens when we surf the web, Digital marketing is growing Job Function Email Database inbound marketing The development of digital marketing in recent years is parallel to that of inbound marketing. And this is no coincidence since the Internet is the ideal tool for Internet users looking for solutions to a problem or specific categories of products or services.

What is pleasant on the Internet is also what has contributed to making inbound marketing methods so attractive: quietly seeking information without being disturbed by a salesperson wishing to sell his product to us, without wondering it meets our expectations. On the internet, all we have to do is type a word or a series of words into our favorite search engine to instantly find the information or product we are looking for, at any time of the day and night, 7 days a week, regardless of the opening hours of a particular business or service.