Learn how to offer discount coupon in your business!

It’s not much news that offering discount coupons is a good idea when trying to improve the sale of products in a store , both physical and virtual. However, to achieve results, you need to pay attention to how to offer coupons to your customers, according to your business model. To help you, we’ll show you the benefits of offering a discount coupon and some varieties of it. Curious to find out more? Keep reading our post! Customer attraction and loyalty Offering a discount coupon can make a person make a purchase for the first time in your store and, based on the good experience they had, start to consume frequently in your business, becoming a loyal customer of your brand.

Inventory movement It’s Phone Number List not news to anyone that inventory stopped for a long time results in loss. Therefore, offering low-turnover products or products that are idle in a way that attracts new consumers is very interesting for the store owner. Increase in the average purchase ticket The average purchase ticket is how much (on average) each customer spends when buying at your establishment. Discount coupons make it more attractive to consume your products and, therefore, customers are usually willing to buy more things in your store. Discover the variety of discount coupons After knowing the advantages of offering a discount coupon, it’s time to see some that can be offered in your store.


Check out holiday coupons Anyone who works selling products knows that some dates tend to bring more traffic to the store. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity to draw the attention of even more people and increase the average purchase ticket for the commemorative date. Some special occasions might be: Mothers Day; Father’s Day ; Christmas; Valentine’s Day. Coupons for old and new customers For former customers, you can offer some exclusive promotions from time to time. But the requirement for this is to have already made a purchase at your establishment.