Is It Possible to Learn Creative Arts Remotely

Online teaching of the creative arts is gaining notoriety, especially after the pandemic. EBAC courses in this area, for example, have been attracting the interest of different people: both those who want to learn new skills and those who want to change professions. To learn more about teaching the creative arts online at EBAC, we interviewed instructional designer and visual artist Cezar Sperinde. He has worked as a professor of creative arts courses at EBAC’s British undergraduate level and has brought all of his face-to-face teaching experience online. What are the courses that encompass the area of ​​creative arts.

Creative art is everything that involves audiovisual, fashion and uses creativity. So, the EBAC courses that are in the verticals of design , audiovisual and fashion are considered in the area of ​​creative arts. In design, for example, we have several courses such as Graphic Phone Number List Designer , Illustration and Calligraphy and Lettering . In this vertical we also have courses that have to do with architecture, such as the 3D Visualization for Architecture and Interiors and Urbanism course . In the audiovisual area, we have courses such as 3D Artist for Films and Series , Sound Designer and Music Production . As for fashion, we have courses such as Personal Stylist and Fashion Business Management.

So these three verticals which have several courses, are in the area of ​​creative arts. You have already worked with face-to-face teaching of courses in the creative area. How do you bring your experience to EBAC’s online teaching? I worked for five years teaching the Foundation course (preparation for graduation in art and design) at the British undergraduate EBAC. During the pandemic, I became the instructional designer for online creative arts courses. So, I end up bringing all this experience from the Foundation teaching system, which was a daily course, in which people were at school producing projects and working independently.