CTI includes functions for recording and saving call content

By connecting to a telephone it plays the role of connecting an incoming call to an extension line and controlling outgoing calls from an extension line to an out function with a PC. This integration is also called CTI for Computer Telephony Integration . on a PC and backing up the content on a server. As a result side line. And the IP PBX introduced this time is a telephone exchange via LAN and it differs from PBX in that it does not require extension telephone network.

It is called Internet Protocol PBX for short and it is characterized by being able to incorporate smartphones softphones etc. into the configuration if there is a network environment. Normally a telephone line was required to use telephone communication. However if IP PBX is introduced telephone communication will be possible as long as there is an environment that can connect to the Internet . It has gradually become popular with the expectation of business benefits such as cost reduction. In addition since it uses the Internet protocol it is highly compatible with PCs and smartphones making it po phone number list sible to manage call data on a PC . These points can be said to be one of the reasons why IP PBX is chosen. Features of IP PBX and what it can do The main feature is that you can use your smartphone as an extension phone . In the past it was not possible to use devices other than those set as extensions in advance as extensions.

However with IP PBX you can easily set your personal smartphone as an extension phone so you can use your company s phone number even when calling from outside . In addition since the connection is made via the Internet it is possible to centrally manage the entire system by installing it in one location without having to install it at each site . In addition it should be noted that it is easy to extend functions and that it is equipped with an integration it is now possible to easily record voice communication which was difficult in the past and the saved voice data can be shared with other members enabling smooth information sharing by the entire team.