Big Data Analytics For Your Email Marketing Campaign

According to the company ascena retail group, organizations that use big data analytics to optimize their email marketing campaigns obtain a series of benefits. Among them, a 70% increase in unique open rate , 55% increase in unique click-through rates , 300% increase in profitability per message sent, and 225% increase in conversion rate. That way you can get an idea about the importance of big data analytics technological solutions for your business strategies and results, right? So follow our post and learn more about it! What is big data analytics? Big data analytics is the analytical and intelligent work of large volumes of data, whether structured or not. Data is collected , stored and interpreted by high-speed and high-performance software.

Which cross-references information from a company’s internal and external environment, operating as a guide for quick and assertive decision-making. Despite being a highly commented technological resource nowadays, it is common that doubts still arise about what can actually be done with the data Phone Number Data obtained through big data analytics. This is what the economist intelligence unit survey shows , which revealed that 35% of the interviewed executives consider the lack of knowledge about the concept to be the main obstacle to the use of big data analytics. Some of the sources used by big data analytics software are data extracted from business intelligence systems, such as social media content , business reports , emails sent by consumers, satisfaction surveys and evaluations about products and services on websites.

What is big data analytics used for in email marketing campaigns? Do you know how to use big data analytics in your email marketing campaigns? We help you the use of big data analytics and the deep analysis provided by the data generated contribute to all sectors and strategies of a company, including its email campaigns. Although e-mail marketing was one of the first digital marketing tools available on the market, it is still among the main strategies used by companies that seek to achieve good results. Brand satisfaction can certainly become even greater from the use of big data analytics. See what big data is for, when we talk about helping in ways of analyzing and interpreting data: really attractive content through information about user behavior.