Agronomy or veterinary medicine which one to choose

One of the main pillars of the Brazilian economy is agribusiness. Whether for internal or external supply, the products reach different cultures and make Brazil a world power in the sector. Therefore, those who study Agronomy or Veterinary Science have an open field of opportunities in the job market. If you like plants, trees, animals and the whole context of the rural environment, or if you are still analyzing which profession to pursue in Biological Sciences, this post will be very useful. Check out! How is the College of Agronomy? The Faculty of Agronomy is a five-year Bachelor’s Degree. At Anhanguera, classes are blended and are in tune with trends in the segment.

Combining concepts of Exact and Biological Sciences, the Faculty of Agronomy trains professionals capable of working in different areas related to improving the productivity of food, different plants and livestock. In addition, knowledge about the management of natural resources is WhatsApp Number List explored, as in the case of an environmental preservation area, not to mention concepts related to agro-industrial products. Among the disciplines that make up the curriculum of the course, we can highlight: Ecology (preservation, agriculture, diversity and evolution of life) Agronomy history and culture Plant Morphology and Systematics botany.

Agrometeorology and Climatology (climate and weather, atmospheric pressure, temperature and others) Topography and Georeferencing; Biochemistry; Agricultural Mechanization; Pest Management; Forestry; Forest management; Soil Morphology; Animal Anatomy and Physiology; Anatomy and Physiology of Plants; Hydrology (water and water balance, irrigation); Animal breeding (genetics and selection methods). What is the Veterinary Medicine course like? While Agronomy focuses more on land and plants, Veterinary Medicine works on the animal issue. Whether to increase productivity or to take care of the different existing species, the veterinarian is a kind of animal doctor.