After all what is the concept of administration

Every time we think of a business, project, or venture, the word “management” comes into the conversation. This term, so natural in the business world, refers to the process of leading, controlling, governing or managing an organization. In this sense, the concept of administration includes the creation of rules and regulations, decision-making, management of operations, finance, human resources, marketing and communication, among others, to direct activities to achieve a common goal or objective. Just to be clearer, administration involves some basic points: planning, organization, coordination and control.

All of this is what makes a business move forward and grow. The concept of administration is quite broad, which is why there are several faculties and specializations focused on one of its aspects, as is the case of the Administration DB to Data and Business course , which we will talk about in this post. Come with us to understand more! What is the concept of Administration? The concept of Administration is broad and many people have brought consistent definitions over time. In a nutshell, we can say that it is about planning, organizing, directing and controlling business practices to create the highest level of efficiency within an organization.

DB to Data

Management determines the company 's strategy and direction . Contrary to the belief that a good product is enough for success, without excellent management the brand will quickly get into trouble even with the best of solutions. The more complex the operation of a company, the more important good and efficient management is. Upon entering college, you will certainly hear about Peter Drucker (1909-2005). He was one of the best known and most influential management thinkers and is considered the father of modern management. At the core of his theory are the concepts of decentralization, knowledge work, management by objectives and the SMART goal method.