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Credit cards are hard to understand and you don’t have time to evaluate every card. Fortunately, we do!

Clyde’s purpose is to promote financial transparency by offering free credit card reviews and fostering an active community forum.

If you have questions about personal finance, you can post them here and our team of analysts will find the answer for you!

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Here is recommended information to get helpful replies to your post:

• Current cards: (list cards, limits, opening date) e.g. Amex Gold Card $5,000 limit, May 2020
• FICO Score: e.g. 750
• Oldest account age: e.g. 5 years 6 months
• Chase 5/24 status: e.g 2/24
• Income: e.g. $80,000
• Outstanding card debt or balances: e.g. $4,000
• Average monthly spend and categories: dining $800, groceries: $400, gas: $100, travel: $100, other: $30
• Open to Business Cards: e.g. No
• What’s the purpose of your next card? e.g. Building credit, Balance transfer, Travel, Cashback
• Do you have any cards you’ve been considering?
• Are you okay with category spending (e.g. monthly or quarterly rotations) or do you want a general spending card (e.g. flat points or cash back)?

Common abbreviations and lingo:

• FICO Score - This is the score used by 90% of credit issuers (This is NOT the score given by Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, etc.). MyFICO.com or Experian.com are FICO examples of where to find your FICO score.
• AAoA - Average age of all of your accounts.
• 2/30 Chase rule - A rule of no more than two Chase credit card applications every 30 days
• 5/24 Chase rule - A rule where if you’ve opened 5 or more accounts in the past 24 months you cannot get approved for a new Chase card.
• AF - Annual Fee
• SuB - Sign-up Bonus
• MSR - Minimum Spending Requirement (usually referring to sign-up bonuses)
• 2/90 AmEx rule - A rule where you can only get approved for 2 AmEx cards in 90 days
• 1/5 AmEx rule - A rule where you can only get approved for 1 AmEx card every 5 d