Is Chase Bank or Bank of America better?

I’m thinking about opening an account with one of these two banks, and I wanted to know what the pros and cons of each bank are (i.e. credit card options).

To be honest, both banks are great options. Both BoA and Chase have a wide range of credit cards that can find your needs. Take a look at this list for some of the best credit cards from BoA and this list for some of the best options offered by Chase. I think that the best way to go about this decision is to think about the prevalence of ATMs near you. If there are a lot of BoAs near you, go with them, if there is a heavy Chase presence in your area, then go with Chase.

Both are really good options, have great benefits and offer a wide range of cards. However, if you want the opportunity to earn a sign-up bonus and seek lower fees choose Chase, but if you want better rates on savings products choose BofA.