Are expensive travel credit cards worth it?

I’ve seen those expensive, $500 annual fee travel credit cards that look really cool, and their benefits seem really nice (especially the ones that give cardholders access to airport lounges). They seem like such a luxury to have, and I was wondering if you personally think those cards are worth it?

I think that those type of credit cards can be worth it, but it really depends on what your needs are. Are you someone that travels a lot for both business and for pleasure? Are you someone that has existing loyalty status with let’s say a Delta or an American Airlines? More importantly, what is your financial situation? Are you someone that can easily take on this sort of annual fee and will you actually make the most of these perks? Those are all questions that you need to answer before jumping the gun and getting a credit card like that.

After asking yourself all of these questions, if you feel that such a card is right for you, check out this list of options. There you will find travel cards with $400+ annual fees, but will also find excellent travel cards with more affordable annual fees. The AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard comes to mind for a great card with an annual fee of $99.